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Tanya has been working with me as my VA since January 2021 and she is really awesome. What I value most is she is proactive and offers perspective of what can be done. She doesn’t just carry out instructions. She is also doing my social media. She is creative, efficient, communicates well, accurate and meets deadlines. I really like her weekly reports which allows me to see how much time she spends on each aspect which helps me to plan. As a coach I can’t do everything, and it is great to have someone to contact who can do what I need while I am in coaching sessions, so my service is better. I highly recommend her. Thanks, Tanya, for all you do!
I've been using My Tanya executive for nearly a year and it has become a non-negotiable part of running my business. Tanya's range of expertise is comprehensive, and is always applied on time. She made a point of building a strong collaborative relationship with me so that she understands the nature of my business and my individual needs as a business owner. The quality of her work is consistently on point and her energy is amazing! There's no doubt that the time she saves me is central to making a success of my company.
Tanya has been in my employment for over 13 years. During this time she has grown from an Au Pair to my Personal Assistant as well as the Operations Manager for Taillard Family Wines. Tanya is a quick learner and a problem solver. I have no problem handing over any issue to her, knowing that it will be reolved and that she will keep me updated on the progress throughout. It is a joy not to have to micro-manage and to trust her abilities. Tanya is especially experienced in dealing with customers and suppliers and does not shy away from a challenge. She has developed the skill to understand when to push and when to wait for feedback. She is courteous and always in time. I cannot recommend her highly enough and are proud to be the first client of My Tanya.
Anelise Taljaard
CEO Taillard Family Wines
I employed Tanya as a personal assistant after the death of my husband. She undertook the tasks of organizing ownership and account transfers into my name with utmost professionality and empathy. She gave me regular feedback on progress and went the extra mile to assist me to manage administrative issues. She was particularly good to communicate with the executor of the estate and the various service providers. Tanya is timeous, extremely pleasant in demeanor but clearly persistant and firm when she needs to be. She gets the jobs done where I believe few people would have been able to make any progress. I would recommend Tanya to any client who is experiencing problems to sort out any account issues. I would clearly make use of her services in the future.
Dina Taljaard
I started working with Tanya on a very different basis as the kind of support I’ve needed to date was not really standard admin practice. Most of it included website and blog post updates and some client sites also includes blog posts with defined layouts. I have worked with many people in the past and have always found that the technical side of things was something that they would sometimes struggle with. However, with Tanya, a quick 10 minutes sufficed each time. Since starting to work together, and with about an hour altogether of online chatting to discuss certain aspects of the work needed, I can literally now send a mail, make a note to invoice the client, and take it off my to-do list. Her work ethic is exceptional, always done timeously and the quality of her output is always of the highest caliber. I look forward to growing the organic social media aspect of her business with her as it forms a natural extension to my business and is something that takes someone special to run - someone I had not been conformance with in the past. Tanya not only saves you time but has a way of using her admin ninja superpower, together with a bubbling positive input into your day that just enhances any mundane business day.
Lechelle Theron
Owner, Visibrands
I have known Tanya for 32 years and I felt honoured when she asked me to write a reference letter for her. In addition to raising her daughter, being a good wife and having great family values, Tanya has always found time to get involved in life around her. Whenever she pursues a new interest or sets a goal she is guaranteed to be highly committed and very competent. I know Tanya to always be efficient, very dependable, honest and courteous. She is extremely well organised and never misses a deadline. Her excellent communication skills allows her to connect with all kinds of people and her perseverance helps her achieve the desired result. Tanya is also a dedicated problem solver. Much thought goes into the things she does and she has the ability to notice what others overlook. She grabs any task with enthusiasm and a high level of responsibility. Tanya will be an asset to any organisation and I will highly recommend her for any endeavour she wishes to pursue.
Suzette Peebles
I have recently worked with her and she is highly organized, focused and gets the job done. She is very determined when it comes to the tasks set out for her and communication from her end is strong!! Don't look further, you NEED her in your life!
Natasha Geldenhuys
Tanya will most definitely be the best assistant you will ever have! She is attentive to detail, resourceful and very creative! She will get things done in no time!
Bianca Roets

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