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Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones

How long have you been stuck in your comfort zone? How many goals would you be able to achieve if you stepped out of your comfort zone? I’ve realized that the only way I can grow as a business owner is to get out of my comfort zone.

As much as I’m an extrovert who absolutely loves talking to people (My school report always read: ‘Tanya is a hard-working student, but has to learn to talk less in class’) I ABSOLUTELY HATE talking on the phone. Don’t ask me why, but I just hate it, there are always these awkward silent moments when neither party knows what to say……..

The irony is that the tasks I’m assisting 2 of my clients with currently is………….yes you guessed it, phone calls. For my realtor, I need to phone leads and set up appointments with prospective buyers & sellers. And for my Business Advisor, I need to phone prospects to confirm their contact details.

And guess what………I’m surviving it and growing as a business owner. I’ve realized that it’s not that bad and yes it’s still not my favorite activity to do, but hey it’s also not the worst!!

I’m improving my communication skills and learning how to deal and interact with different personalities.

What are you waiting for……..get out of your comfort zone and reach those goals!!!!