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6 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

There are 1.73 billion people logging into Facebook on a daily basis. Yes, you read that right…..BILLION!!! (Facebook 2020)  These people are referred to as Facebook Daily Active Users (DAUs) According to Facebook 2018, there are more than 80 million Facebook Pages active where small businesses interact with potential customers. Now if you are not seeing a golden opportunity here to grow your business, then you better read those numbers again.

As I’m a self-confessed Facebook addict I have come across many business pages that aren’t being optimized to reach their full potential. Not to worry, I’m here to share what I’ve learned over the last few months while on lockdown.

1. Profile Picture

This is the first impression potential customers will get of your business, make sure it’s an impactful and good quality image. Your potential customer needs to be able to relate to you and your business. Having your logo as your profile pic assist with this concept. If you are a service-based business you could also opt for having a picture of yourself with your logo. People will then be able to put a face to a brand. While deciding which image to use as your profile pic, just keep in mind that your profile pic will be displayed as a circle in ads and posts.

Optimal Image Size for PC: 170 x 170 px Optimal Image Size for Cellphone: 36 x 36 px

2. Cover Photo

Your cover photo is prime advertising space for your business. Ensure that its eye-catching and fits in the area provided without any part of the image being cut off. Ensure your image displays fully on a mobile device as well. Use this area to advertise any specials or special promotions that you are running. Use it as a bulletin board to share relevant news.

Optimal Image Size for PC: 820 x 312 px (For best quality create a design with double the specs 1640 x 624px) Optimal Image Size for Cellphone: 640 x 360 (For best quality 640 x 360) To ensure your design elements are all displayed on both devices, place all your important info in the safe zone in the middle area of your design.

3. Contact Details & Location

If you are an area-specific product/service PLEASE add your general area to your about section on your page. As someone based in Kempton Park wouldn’t want to make use of a garden service that is based in Krugersdorp for instance. Your contact number and/or email address should be clearly displayed on your page to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to be able to contact you.

4. Call To Action Button

(This is the blue button displayed on the right hand side of your PC screen or smack bang in the middle when using a cellphone)

If a potential customer views your page and wants to contact you, it needs to be quick and convenient. The following are good options: what’s app (my personal fave)/message/email whichever you use, ensure it’s a platform that you will be checking often as you don’t want people waiting.

5. Automatic Replies

This forms part of point 4. By setting up your automatic replies on your Facebook page your customers can automatically receive a welcome message immediately after sending their message to you. You could also include necessary details, such as email address or contact number, or you could request that the person send you their email address then you could email them more details. This ensures that your potential customer will receive an instant reply without having to wait for you to respond.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

If you repeatedly receive the same questions on messenger regarding your product or service, then add these frequently asked questions to your automatic replies. The options will then automatically pop up in messenger and customers wouldn’t even have to type them out. Exp: price, trading hours, delivery charges, availability, etc.

By following these simple steps you will increase the possibility for the potential customer to turn into a paying customer. Canva is a great free tool to use for all your social media designs as they have templates that are the correct sizes for each platform.


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